The Diplomatic System of the European Union: The State of the Art

Date: 4-5 December 2009
Venue: Loughborough University, United Kingdom

This initial conference for the network on ‘the Diplomatic System of the European Union’ was held at Burleigh Court Conference Centre, Loughborough University, on 4-5 December 2009. The aim of the conference was to establish the ‘state of the art’ in studies of EU diplomacy and to identify questions for further exploration during the research phase of the network’s activities.

Twenty-seven participants engaged in detailed discussion of four aspects of the EU’s diplomatic system: (1) the overall context and changing nature of diplomacy; (2) institutional developments, especially those emanating from the Lisbon Treaty; (3) the EU’s strategic diplomacy; and (4) the EU’s use of structural diplomacy. The main product of the conference was a much more refined and targeted set of research questions, as well as a greater shared understanding of the issues faced by the EU’s diplomacy post-Lisbon.

A full conference report together with details of the programme, the participants and the photogallery are now available.
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