Conceptualizing and Analyzing Strategic and Structural Diplomacy

Date: April 2011 Venue: University of Leuven, Belgium

This two-day workshop, organised by the University of Leuven, will take place halfway through the research projects on strategic and structural diplomacy, and aims to bring together practitioners, leading scholars and PhD students to discuss the topic of the changing patterns in the EU’s diplomatic activities. It will focus both on the general issues of strategic and structural diplomacy and on the EU’s activities in relation (on the one hand) to the BRIC countries and (on the other hand) to Kosovo and the DRC. During specialized sessions (25 participants) on the first day ideas will be exchanged between the participants, based on draft research reports. On the second day, the conclusions of the specialized session will be presented to and discussed by a wider audience (50 participants). A key aim of the workshop is to compare the patterns and processes observed in strategic and structural diplomacy, their impact on the EU’s relations with the BRIC, Kosovo and the DRC and their implications for other regions.

The workshop is designed for an audience from the academic, official and civil society communities specialized in the changing processes and patterns of diplomacy and the two cases: (1) relations with the BRIC countries; (2) Kosovo and the DRC. The purpose of the workshop is to present, evaluate and disseminate the findings of these two research strands with and towards a targeted group of academics and practitioners (diplomats, civil servants and civil society) specialized not only in the specific cases of the BRIC, Kosovo and the DRC, but also in other countries or regions that are the subject of EU foreign policy. This should lead to a further strengthening of our concepts and an application of this approach in other research on EU foreign policy, in this way enhancing knowledge and understanding of the EU’s diplomatic processes and patterns. Papers presented will be posted on the project web site, while the conclusions of the workshop will lead to the formulation of policy papers.

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Organisers: Professor Stephan Keukeleire (KU Leuven), Professor David Allen (Loughborough University), PhD students.

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