European Diplomacy Policy Papers

This series of policy papers, published at key junctures in the overall project, is designed to bring key findings of the project to a wider audience. Closely linked to the main project events, there will be policy papers reflecting discussions at the ‘kickoff’ conference, at the two workshops to be held during the project and at the final conference. Additional policy papers will also be produced on the basis of key developments in the research projects associated with this research group.

The policy papers will aim to impact: on academic debate and teaching; on debate in official circles about the developing patterns and priorities of EU diplomacy; on debate in the wider civil society about the purposes and modes of EU international actions, in the context of institutional reform and international change; and on the demand for the more ‘academic’ products from the project (e.g. working papers, edited volume), which will be showcased in the policy papers.

Possible Sequence of Topics*

Paper No 1: The Diplomatic System of the EU

Paper No 2: Institutions of EU Diplomacy

Paper No 3: Cooperation and Coordination in EU Diplomacy

Paper No 4: The Diplomatic Challenge of the BRIC

Paper No 5: The EU and Kosovo: structural diplomacy in action

Paper No 6: The EU and DR Congo: the limits of structural diplomacy

Paper No 7: The Future of EU Diplomacy

*[Note: topics and sequence subject to modification as the project proceeds: for example, ratification of the Lisbon Treaty or events in target regions might well affect topic focus]


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